| Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Reflection 15

| Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This is a final reflection on what I have learned throughout the whole course. I would like to express my gratitude that resources class has given me an opportunity to use my creativity in producing teaching aids. On the other hand, using various software to produce teaching aids are something new to me and i enjoyed learning them very much. Moreover, learning how to use blog for journaling and to interact with one another is another advantage that i get throughout the course. Overall, the resources class is good and active. most importantly, i have learned being patient when dealing with fussy and picky person.

Reflection 14

| Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sad to say that we have come to the very end to the lecture. Today is the last day for our resources class. Basically we have hand in our assignment two and tutorhas brief us on the coming test. Flashing back on what I have learned so far in resources class is how to produce teaching aids using technology such as computer. although it is hard, we do not give up a but consult tutor on things that we have done. Resources class has given me an opportunity to learn various skill such as photo and video editing, brochure making, teaching aids etc...... Besides that, I have also learn how to organize my diary using blog. It is very useful as we can keep our diaries and documents online and share with people who come across them. on the other hand, using window live messenger to store our documents and information is effective as we need not to bring the documents to the class everyday. Moreover, working in as one group to finish up all assignments has taught me the meaning of teamwork and tolerance. The experience that we gain is priceless as we can use them for our future teaching. Thank you to my tutor for being so dedicated and determined in her teaching.

Reflection 13

| Monday, October 12, 2009

Today ma'am was late for class. what we have learnt today is how to produce brochure. I find it is an interesting lesson because it taught us how to produce brochure using Microsoft Office Publisher. After that, we have been given time to produce our own brochure. I made a brochure on dengue fever and prevention. I find it is easy to produce brochure with the software. Besides that, I also learn how to organize my idea such as define the topic, giving some background knowledge on the topic and lastly provide relevant information for the topic. This is a very great lesson and i enjoy myself very much.

Reflection 12

| Monday, October 5, 2009

After everyone has handed in our video, we have a great time enjoying others videos. It is a pleasant moment where everyone gives constructive comments to better the video. Apart from that, feel that there is still a room for me to improve my video. Perhaps what can I do is to put more animation and pictures into the video. Through this video, I have learned a lot such as how to look for pictures and materials on internet. What we learned before this has been applied in producing the video kit. Lastly our lecturer is quite satisfy with our works. Good Hob Everyone and keep up your hard work!

Reflection 11

| Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Today, we have combined class for PBEY3102 class. We have presentation today after a week of raya break. everyone in the class seems to be restless due to piles of assignments. Besides that, most of us do not pay close attetnion to the presentation. Some of us are facebooking, surfing internet and also blogging (it's me doing this reflection). I hope the class will finish soon. HeHe...

Reflection 10


Everyone is in Raya mood, so do I. Needless to say that when raya is approaching, the class atmosphere will be different. Everyone is in good mood except for our lecturer, Pn. Foziah. She is disappointed with our attitude and behaviour. She is upset that, most of us has taken early leave to "Balik Kampung". Since not much people in the class, Pn. Foziah feel reluctant to teach us new topic. Therefore, she wants us have presentation. Everyone does presentation on the article read for the day.