Reflection 14

| Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sad to say that we have come to the very end to the lecture. Today is the last day for our resources class. Basically we have hand in our assignment two and tutorhas brief us on the coming test. Flashing back on what I have learned so far in resources class is how to produce teaching aids using technology such as computer. although it is hard, we do not give up a but consult tutor on things that we have done. Resources class has given me an opportunity to learn various skill such as photo and video editing, brochure making, teaching aids etc...... Besides that, I have also learn how to organize my diary using blog. It is very useful as we can keep our diaries and documents online and share with people who come across them. on the other hand, using window live messenger to store our documents and information is effective as we need not to bring the documents to the class everyday. Moreover, working in as one group to finish up all assignments has taught me the meaning of teamwork and tolerance. The experience that we gain is priceless as we can use them for our future teaching. Thank you to my tutor for being so dedicated and determined in her teaching.